The buildings as seen from the highest tower in Los Santos

Stunting is something most people do in this game

Under Stunting we count:



-Jumping from building to building

!All locations of good spots will be on our San Andres Map


  • Freefalling = Jumping off high buildings without a parachute(wich will often resolve to death)
  • Skydiving = Jumping out of a plane or from high buildings with a parachute(though landing safely)

See the slideshow right form here for some good buildings to freefall/skydive

San Andres Map Number

  • Chute Tower = 1
  • Airport Tower = 2
  • Communications Tower = 3

  • This is the "chute tower". Its located in Los Santos and is the highest building in Los Santos.
  • It has a parachute at the very top of the tower as also a helicopter platform
  • The parachute located on top of the "chute tower"
  • Buildings as seen from the top of "chute tower".
  • The communications tower of Los Santos Airport.Actually there's a glitch you can perform at the top of this tower
  • The Communications tower in Downtown Los Santos. This building is perfect for skydiving as it is hollow inside so you can jump trough it
  • The Communications Tower as seen from beneath